May 2019

In September this year I will have been ordained 10 years, my how the time flies. I have had a full and varied ministry and enjoyed every minute of it, well almost every minute, in truth I do at times feel bogged down with the tremendous amount of paperwork and administration that goes with the role. As with so many jobs there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

That said I have had the immense privilege of sharing in some remarkable events and times with people over those years. As part of my ministry I have been asked to bless people, objects and homes. Then only last week I received an email asking me to do something that I have never before been asked to do in my almost ten years since ordination, I was asked to bless a car racing team. Andrew Gray from the Simpson Touring Car Racing team emailed me to ask if I would bless their team, driver and car at the beginning of their first season as an independent team. To say I was honoured to be able to do so is an understatement. The fact that these people had taken time out of their busy weekend schedule to have driver, team and car blessed is wonderful. They set time aside to have a few special moments with God.

Although God is always with us, in the business of our everyday lives we don’t always acknowledge this and so these few minutes were indeed very special. Not only that I had a great time meeting the team, who went out of their way to make me feelwelcome. I was picked up at the gate by Andrew in a golf buggy, I loved it and felt like royalty as I was driven to the pits with a grin on my face the size of a ‘Cheshire Cat’. Here I met the rest of the team including Matt Simpson, the driver and owner, and his delightful family. After praying a prayer of blessing over them all and the car I sprinkled them with Holy Water, which Matt’s young daughter seemed to especially enjoy as she took the sprinkler from me to continue spraying the car, although I did at one point take a large intake of breath when the metal of the sprinkler and the car almost made contact!

Having now been in West Kingsdown for almost five years it’s truly wonderful that opportunities still arise for sharing God’s love with others in new and unique places.

Brands Hatch is part of this ancient parish, the track runs adjacent with Church Woods and St. Edmund’s Church. Jonathan Palmer, the track owner and his team are very generous in their giving to us as a church, through Villagers’ Day Grants for specific things as well as
sponsorship of our Summer Fair and Christmas Tree Festival. I hope that over the coming years we will be able to continue to build on the links made with the Simpson Touring Car Team, Brands Hatch in general and maybe some other racing teams.

Every Blessing

Rev Sarah

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