July/August 2018

 Since joining the Church in the Woods in October last year there seems to have been an almost constant stream of festivals, commemorations and special times. St Edmund’s Day was in November, as was Remembrance Sunday and All Souls Day, making that a somber month of reflection, quickly followed by Advent and then the great celebration of Christmas. But it seemed we had barely settled down after that when Lent arrived and we began our preparations for Easter, the major festival of the Christian year when we rejoice in the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Easter continues for fifty days and finally ended at Pentecost in late May (formerly known as Whit Sunday) when we remembered the coming of the Holy Spirit. All these festivals and commemorations are marked in some way – by the different colours Rev Sarah and I wear in our services and which deck the church as well as by various hymns, prayers and readings.

After all that excitement it seems strange to come into a longer period of normality. The church calls this ‘Ordinary Time’ and it lasts until All Saints Day at the beginning of November. Many years ago as a relative newcomer to church I referred to this rather dismissively as ‘Boring Time’ and got soundly told off! But I have now come to appreciate this period of relative calm. We all need these periods of relaxation, when there is space to recharge our batteries. It is probably no accident that the church’s colour for this time is green: symbol of growth and renewal. Apparently the human eye can distinguish more shades of green than it can of anyother colour, because throughout our evolution green has been so important to us, not least as a source of food. It’s also meant to be one of the most calming colours and some people say it relieves stress and promotes creativity. Green is a colour of safety and a green light gives the go-ahead for progress.

But before we can recharge our batteries to go on some things need to come to an end. July is the month when exams and tests are over and goodbyes are being said to teachers, friends and sometimes schools. One of the most enjoyable aspects of my time so far in West Kingsdown has been getting to know the staff and pupils at our Church of England primary school. I have been so impressed with the pupils’ enthusiasm for learning and the hard work they and the staff have all put in over the last year. Although it will be sad to say goodbye to Year 6 I am sure they will have many happy memories to take with them to their new schools.

In the rest of the village some people will be starting to think about holidays and either preparing to go away or just getting ready for some lazy days at home, soaking up what we hope will be the summer sun. If you are lucky enough to have some time off this month I hope you enjoy it and feel your energy levels renewed. If you are still waiting until August for your break, then enjoy the anticipation – it will be all the more enjoyable when the green light for your holiday finally arrives!

Every Blessing

Rev Harriet

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