July/August 2021

‘Be grateful for today and never take anything for granted. Life is a blessing’

I wonder how many of us can truly say that we live our lives according to these words. How many of us are grateful for each day, for the things we have, the people we share our lives with, or do we just take everything for granted? I will admit there are times when I do take what I have for granted, and I am then often shaken out of my complacency when something suddenly happens to make me take stock. Sadly, that happened to me very recently on hearing of the unexpected death of somebody. That somebody is a person that many of you know and have known for a much greater length of time than I, David Diboll. 

David has been part of this village his entire life and has given so much of himself to it. It was him who week by week emptied the rubbish bins around the village, it was him that you would see litter picking or doing odd jobs around the burial ground. He spent many hours each week in Church Woods tending to the numerous jobs that needed to be done. David was a mind of information on all aspects of the woods. He was the village tree warden, I wonder how many of you even knew we had one, and why should you? 

For any of you that have walked the path from the church car park through the lych gate to the gate at the church end of the path will have walked through some of David’s handiwork. It is he who carved and replaced the gate posts on the gate leading from the church into the woods. You may have noticed that the posts and gate at the carpark end of the path have been missing for a while. David has carved new posts to replace those that have rotted but never got the opportunity to put them in and rehang the gate. The task will be completed!

It is part of human nature to take things for granted. We all need to take time to reflect, be grateful and acknowledge that life is indeed a blessing, and that our lives are enriched by those we share it with. I do not believe that we should put people on a pedestal, but I do believe we should acknowledge, be grateful and offer our thanks. Thank you David.

Life is indeed a blessing and at St. Edmunds we are to be blessed with a new curate. Mandy Clampin will be ordained deacon in Rochester Cathedral on 25thSeptember. Some of you may already know Mandy as she was the manager at Manordene Nursing home for several years before taking up full time theological training. Mandy will be joining us at the end of July as a licensed lay worker until her ordination. If you see her around in the village, she will hopefully be at our summer Fayre on the 31stJuly, do speak to her and make her feel welcome. I will ask Mandy to write a piece for the September issue of SEKAM to introduce herself.

Lastly a plug for our Summer Fayre – I do hope you will be able to join us on the Gamecock field on Saturday 31stJuly. It will be a scaled down version of our usual event, but it will be the first occasion that we have been able to meet together as a community for a very long time. I do hope to see you there.

Remember‘Be grateful for today and never take anything for granted. Life is a blessing.’ Rev’d Sarah

Every Blessing Rev’d Sarah

The Rector, Reverend Sarah Corry, can be contacted on 01474 852265, or use our contact form.