February 2018

 A very happy, if belated, New Year to you all. With no issue in January I’m afraid that my good wishes for 2018 have to wait until February when Christmas and New Year seem but a distant past. It was great to see so many of you at one or more of the services during the Christmas period. Young and the ‘young at heart’ gathered, in our beautiful ‘church in the woods’, to share in the celebration of the birth of Jesus. From Christingle, to Carols by Candlelight, the crib service to Midnight Mass you came to take part in worship and it was a delight for me to catch up with both familiar and new faces alike and to share in how much it meant to you to be able to worship in such a beautiful, loved and cared for sacred space. Thank you to you all for helping to make Christmas such a special time.

As I write this letter we are well into the second week of 2018, yet another new year, my how time flies! We know that the New Year is always seen as a time for new beginnings, a time to make a fresh start, a time to put things right. In fact the church makes its fresh start in the run up to Christmas, beginning on Advent Sunday and in doing so begins to prepare itself for the new year ahead. In November we have to set our financial budget for the next year, we look back at the expenses of the past year to help us with our planning for the next, then ask the question ’How much will it cost to keep our parish church opening and running for the coming year?’ After much discussion, reflection on previous income and expenditure, much cutting and pruning we found ourselves in the position of having to set a negative budget for 2018. In other words after calculating our costs for the coming year and then looking at our predicted income we had a short fall of £4,440. To meet all our expected costs in 2018 we need to raise £66,940, which equates to just over £1,281 per week.

We do not receive any grants and therefore this money has to come from the generosity of the giving of members of our congregation, the giving of the wider community and the amazing amount of fund raising that goes on each year. If we want the church in this placeto be here for generations to come and not become an empty, derelict shell it is up to us all to play our part. I along with the churchwardens and PCC are custodians of this beautiful place and this can become an enormous burden. We must all try to do our part and we need your help. Are you able to make a one off, a once a year, once a month or even weekly donation to help with the upkeep of the church in this place? If so please either make contact with me, the PCC secretary (our details are on the back of this magazine), or our stewardship officer Angela Beale on 01474 852513. Thank you so much.

Every Blessing


The Rector, Reverend Sarah Corry, can be contacted on 01474 852265, or use our contact form.