October 2021

In a recent conversation with somebody I just happened to say how busy I was finding things as we were emerging from the pandemic, especially trying to reintroduce things, that before lockdown, had been part and parcel of our day to day living. It takes an enormous amount of time and energy to begin again. In truth it is quite daunting as more and more is expected. I must admit I can feel pulled in many different directions. The need to prioritise becomes essential but in doing so I feel that I am letting others down. 

During the first lockdown people became much more aware of others needs and generally showed a great deal of patience with one another. Sadly, as time has gone on patience has begun to wear thin in some areas and frustration come to the fore and it is often the little things that appear to, as the saying goes, ‘break the camels back’. 

I pray that we learn from the emotional roller coast that we have all been on, and to some degree, still are, to show love and understanding to one another but most of all patience in abundance. 

I am absolutely delighted that so many things are restarting and its wonderful to see many faces that I haven’t seen for so long. St Edmund’s Pop-In at the Pavilion started up again at the beginning of August and it has been a delight to see so many of our community meeting together once again on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Toddler Church began on the first Thursday of September, after such a long time apart. It was lovely to see old members return but also to welcome new babies, toddlers and adults. 

I felt quite emotional as I led the whole of our church primary school in worship when they returned at the beginning of September. The first time they had been able to gather as a whole school without restrictions for over eighteen months. 

We held our summer fair in July, the first social event after such a long time. It was such a pleasure to see people enjoying just being together, having time to catch up. The weather was kind for the first two hours and then the heavens opened, and torrential rain fell. We got soaked and we had to call an end two hours earlier than we had anticipated but we were happy just to have been able to get together. Thank you to everybody who was involved in any way. In just two hours we managed to raise a magnificent £3000. 

I am full of excitement and anticipation as to what lies ahead, a time for new beginnings, for looking ahead with an openness and eagerness. A time for new adventures and new ways of doing things, building on what has gone before but not looking back and holding on for dear life to what was. 

Times have changed for us all, many of us are tired and jaded but there is much to look forward to. So let us have glasses that are at least ‘half full’ and not ‘half empty’ and look to the future with optimism and hope. With Christ by our side all things are possible.

Every blessing,

Rev Sarah

(The Rector, Reverend Sarah Corry, can be contacted on 01474 852265, or use our contact form)