St Edmund’s Church Calls All Knitters

The West Kingsdown Corona Quilt

Please contribute a square to our West Kingsdown Corona Quilt. If you would like to be part of this massive project, please knit a 5inch x 5inch square and decorate it to show a significant event/emotion/memory from the last year for yourself, your household or the country at large. The decoration could be knitted into the square or extra pieces knitted and sewn on or embroidered on with more wool. Please embroider your name on the back. Please bring your squares to St Edmund’s church when we open again. Eventually we will meet in the Millennium Room to sew them all together prior to an exhibition. 

Feel free to do more than one square if you have the inspiration but do not feel obliged to do so. We will be happy with quality over quantity.

Thank you for your help with what promises to be our most amazing project since the poppy extravaganza of 2018. 

PS Please do not dispose of last year’s knitted hedgehogs and rabbits. Their time will come.

The West Kingsdown Corona Quilt